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Entry-level Program Manager (PM) Government Civilian positions at Hanscom AFB, MA with start dates in summer 2023 time frame.
(NO military commitment required!)

The Program Manager Team at Hanscom AFB in Massachusetts is looking for a few exceptional College graduates (or soon to be graduates) interested in a full-time position at Hanscom AFB as a Program Manager trainee. This is a 2-3 year trainee program where upon completion the trainee will be a fully qualified GS-12 acquisition program manager (GS-12 pay is 88K, adjusted yearly for cost of living increases). Hanscom AFB supports acquiring capabilities for the Air Force as part of Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC). Here is a video overview of what AFMC & Hanscom do to support the Air Force:

About United States Air Force - Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Program Management - Hanscom AFB, MA

At Hanscom Air Force Base, we develop, test, and provide systems for the Air Force and our sister services. These products provide the connectivity for and between US & partner nations’ military units with items such as radars, computer systems, radio and satellite communication systems, weather systems and IT-networks. Our programs offer exciting opportunities as they push the boundary of the possible!

What is an Acquisitions Program Manager?

Acquisitions is the process in which the US delivers the latest/greatest technology to our military. Any time the Government wants to buy new or existing technologies (aircraft, software, satellites, etc.), they use an Acquisition Program. The person who manages the program is known as an Acquisition Program Manager (PM).

The PM has the overall responsibility for the program. PMs ensures everyone involved in producing the product are working together to develop & provide the best solution. Duties of a PM include determining resources, monitoring progress, and working with the other groups to ensure the product meets their needs.

The PM leads the team from the initial idea, through design and development, testing and delivery of the product. The PM's leadership skills are vital to the team’s success.

About Hanscom Air Force Base – Civilian Careers

When you work with us, you will be talking with defense and civilian government agencies about their needs and helping them find solutions that can meet those challenges. You will also select and monitor leading private-sector firms to implement these plans – and have the satisfaction of seeing these programs come to fruition.

This is a mission that places you alongside diverse, highly competent engineering, business management, acquisition, and IT professionals, as well as uniformed military counterparts who rely on your work to carry out their jobs. Together you will supervise the design, development, test, production, deployment and maintenance of tomorrow’s communications and information systems for our government, military, and civilian customers. You will pull together today’s most innovative technologies and give them a new purpose.

As a civilian employee of the US Air Force, you will have access to exceptional federal benefits with a variety of plan options that rival – and often exceed – those offered in the private sector. In addition to what is listed below, you will have a competitive salary, flexible work schedules, continuous learning opportunities and plenty of paid time off to help you achieve the kind of work-life balance you really want. Unlike many private sector companies, your benefits start the minute you do. That includes retirement, health benefits, vacation and sick leave, life insurance and more.

·        Flexible Schedules, Vacations and Sick Leave, Fitness Leave
·        Continuing Education and Training / Tuition Assistance
·        Retirement: With our Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), you can build your retirement income through a program similar to a 401(k) and Social Security. TSP savings and tax benefits are as beneficial if not more so than those in the private sector.
·        Health Benefits: This program offers numerous plan choices to help you meet health care needs. Payroll deductions and the option to use pretax dollars make up this plan that covers you and your family. Coverage begins as soon as you register for benefits.
·        Dental & Vision Insurance: If you participate in this program, you and your family members will be covered by group supplemental dental and vision insurance coverage. Many plans are available, and your premiums may be withheld from your pay on a pre-tax basis.
·        Life Insurance: Eligible employees will receive basic life insurance and three types of optional life insurance at attractive group rates – and most employees can continue their coverage after retirement.
·        Long Term Care: This program helps pay for long term care services, such as home care or care in a nursing home or assisted living facility. It is the kind of care you would need to help you perform daily activities if you had an ongoing illness or disability.
·        Flexible Spending Account: You can set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for some of your medical and dependent care expenses.

Working on an active-duty military installation comes with other perks as well! You will have access to a full range of recreational and support facilities:

·        Membership to 24-hour fitness center, jogging tracks, swimming pool, and a bowling alley
·        Automotive hobby shop – with vehicle lifts and professional quality tools for you to use
·        On-base Credit Union
·        Family Support Center, Social Clubs and Library
·        Outdoor rec facility – inexpensive sports and camping rentals for the adventurous!
·        Tickets and tours – access to tickets for sports and entertainment events
·        Opportunities for assignments anywhere in the world
·        The Armed Forces Vacation Club, which offers affordable vacation housing and amenities around the world for personnel employed by the armed services (including government civilians)