PromoterMotor creates technology to change the world by helping non-profits gain online visibility at a scale. We are beginning to automate what we have done for years by hand: help nonprofits get and make maximal use of free advertising from Google. We help all eligible causes and have a special interest in countering misinformation. Apply your creativity and drive for learning experiences with us in departments such as Marketing, Digital Design, Business, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Technical Writing, and Human Resources. Check our Careers Page to see all open positions and testimonials from past interns:

All job and internship position have been 100% remote for over 8 years. Even before the pandemic, our team has enjoyed the quality of life improvements that come from cutting out the commute, having flexible-time-of-day working hours, and being able to work from wherever a good Internet connection is available. As such, our diverse current staff, interns, and contractors are located throughout the United States and the world.


Digital Media Internship Experience 1.B: Graphic Design, Illustration, and Layout for a Book and Training Resources for New Graduates Entering the Workforce

May 2023 - August 2023 North Webster, IN
“People are nice and friendly, and you get the opportunity to network with others constantly. I really enjoyed my position, and weekly my supervisor was checking my progress. Got to teamwork, which was pretty fun, and got to learn a lot about different nonprofit organizations ”

Business Internship Experience 2.A: Financial Projections for Proposals and Analyses for Case Studies for Non-profit Advertising Projects

June 2023 - September 2023 North Webster, IN
“Interning at PromoterMotor was a huge opportunity that allowed me to gain vital experience within the business field. Specifically, I was able to collaborate with both my team and other departments to implement strategies and solutions to better promote nonprofits and their social causes. The culture at PromoterMotor is unlike any other, and under Ben’s leadership and guidance, the company is constantly working to improve its ability to support clients and their missions in order to benefit society. Throughout my time here, I felt that the inclusive environment and forward-thinking attitude of the company allowed me to implement solutions and automate different processes, allowing me to build on my college skillset. I am grateful for the opportunity that PromoterMotor provided to create such an enriching and fulfilling experience for me. Thank you so much!”
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